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New Arrival!!


The Succulent & Cactus Collection is an exclusive bag line made entirely for ELEPH Succulent Boutique! This pouch is perfect for holding any small items you need to take on-the-go! 



Celeste is the owner and creator of Wild Love Designs. She created this brand for the wild spirited. Those who seek adventures, live boldy, and live to inspire. Everything is handmade by a single set of hands on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Originally from Arizona, she shows her love for all things boho, desert, and wild. Growing up one the big island surrounded by beautiful beaches, pastures, and everything tropical she has brought the two together. She learned how to sew at a young age with a huge love for makeup and of course, fashion. Since then she has had a passion for creating. She's very passionate about her creations and truly believes in creating products that are diverse and built to last. There is something for everyone!


Check out her website at

Succulent and Cactus Mountain Pouch

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