Amethyst Succulent Crystal

Amethyst Succulent Crystal

Amethyst: The stone of peace and calm. This beautiful purple stone helps to relieve the stresses of everyday life and bring peacefulness into your home or office relieving anxieties.

This Amethyst is one-of-a-kind and will be perfect on any windowsill, covered patio or a place in your home with lots of sunlight! Be careful not to overwater your succulent and keep it in at least 6-8 hours of filtered sunlight per day. In humid regions, only water once every 1-2 weeks. In dryer climates, water about twice a week or when the soil is dry.

These succulent holders do NOT come with a drainage hole. It's important to add some soil when you receive this item as they are shipped bare root with moss.

**Crystal shown in photo is what you will receive!**
All crystals are ethically sourced. Succulent MAY BE different than one shown in photo.

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