String of Pearls

String of Pearls


Senecio Rowleyanus

"String of Pearls"


String of Pearls is arguably one of the most coveted succulents in the indoor houseplant world. Yet, this succulent can be so fickle, even the greenest of thumbs throw their hands up to this plant at times. Senecio Rowleyanus is native to Southwestern Africa and can grow vines up to several feet long when taken care of properly.


These succulents bloom yellow flowers in the summer and have a spicy/sweet smell (like cinnamon). The "pearls" of the plant hold plenty of water so there is no need to overwater.


Overwatering of this plant can cause rot and the pearls to burst. Propagating these pea-like succulents is very easy and they are quite fast-growing. Just take a cutting from the stem using a clean, sharp knife, let it dry and callous for a day or two and plant it in well-draining cacti and succulent soil mix.

These succulents do very well in hanging baskets that have 6-8 hours of filtered sunlight per day. They also enjoy a little bit of shade. Once again, do not overwater this plant. Underwatering this plant will result in shriveled pearls.!


Shipped in pot with soil. Care instructions are included in shipment. 


Photo shown is 2" pot.


Other options are 4" and 6" pots.